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Merry meet! My name is Lilly Dupres and welcome to Define Pagan where I hope to provide the definitive Pagan Definition for the modern lifestyle through this sites many resources, contributors and my thoughts.

I would like to start by saying that I am a mother of two beautiful boys, one in college and the other going through grade school. I live in a modest townhouse in a rural neighborhood so my youngest can play outside, ride a bicycle enjoy gardening with me, and make friends on the same street, far from the hustle and bustle and sometimes danger of big city life. I am 5 foot 4, of European decent with long dark hair, and due to the fact that I am indeed a real live woman, choose not to reveal my age or weight.

I am not much of a morning person, need about an hour and enough coffee to get me going, before walking my son to school. I exercise daily, and as much as I love my besom, hate cleaning, lol. , love cooking large meals for my family and spend alot of time on the computer, Facebook mostly, with all it's addictive free games. I especially like the find and click observation ones, which I play with my youngest son whenever he is home. I am friends with my neighbors, and we hold regular weekend barbecue's with plenty of music, food and drink...when it isn't winter, and even though, as I stated earlier, despise the after party clean-up. I have a cat (not black) who regularly attempts to trip me whenever I go up or down the stairs. In the time before my youngest came along, I was a landscaper and part time house cleaner (oh, the irony) and held many other jobs including being a florist and refinishing furniture, my favorites.

I say all this because I am an everywoman, I am among you, and I am Pagan. To be exact, an eclectic Witch, which is what I like to call a bit from many branches off the Pagan Tree Of Life. To define pagan used this way, think of the word Pagan as the old world term for modern day religion or religions. Witches and Witchcraft as compared to Catholics and church prayer.

Hopefully I haven't lost or offended you by using that reference, many think of Pagan practioners as Satan worshippers who strip naked and sacrifice innocent animals under the cover of moonlight. In an effort to be transparent, that may be true for some off shoot branches (not mine), but if you have watched the news...like ever, modern day religion and those worshipping God have produced some monsters and demons without any direct relation to Paganism. Maybe they should convert, because a true Pagan worships old world values, tolerance and acceptance, nature and Mother Earth, and the secrets she holds and have since been forgotten with the passage of time.

I created Define Pagan to dispel any negative myths that Pagans, including my eclectic ways of witchcraft, to show that in fact, it is just another perfectly normal religious/spirtual practice. I plan for this site to be interactive, enlightening and a valuable resource to everyone, not just Pagans or the off shoot branches. You will find sections with a number of author contributed articles, Lilly's Thoughts, which is a direct feed from my Facebook page. I have also set up an Online Pagan Store in partnership with other Pagan Shops, that will feed directly here at no charge to them, and which will be constantly updated with literature and supplies. Feel free to socially interact here within the site, or on my Facebook page, and I will personally answer any questions or comments you may have.

Blessed be,

Lilly Dupres

Lilly’s Thoughts

Define Pagan
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