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The possibility exists that the Freemasons could be accused of paganism because of their consistent references to the Historical or ancient world. In some ways, this is unfair to them because many of the early teachings of Christianity were based on the concepts of Plato and Aristotle. Both known to be Pagans. There are many other celebrations observed by Christianity that the Freemasons stipulate resort to paganism as well.

In respect to the secrecy of the Masonry, it has been a topic of much debate for years. The masons stipulate their secrecy is only in regards to their rituals. They state that their secrecy has been misconstrued as privacy. It refers to being just like any other organization or club. The argument against this that the majority of other common organizations don't use a secret knock for entry.

When arguments are raised about blood oaths and rituals regarding penalties for breaking the secrecy the Masons maintain that is allegorical when it comes to being in their rituals. It's meant to make the onlooker feel guilty if they are guilty of the any allegations.

It's difficult for an innocent individual who is naïve as to the arguments of the Freemasons versus the anti Mason to know who to believe. The Freemasons rely heavily on the point that there are having been many reputable government officials and men of importance that were good standing members of the masonry. It is up to the individual to determine just how much credence that holds.

The Masons will discreetly point out how they support a large number of charities. Then the counter argument against this is that organized crime has supported charities as well as so have renowned bike gangs.

One of the most controversial arguments amongst the Freemasons and the anti Mason is what is know as Occam's razor. This centers around the various teachings supposedly of devil worship amongst the higher degrees of the Mason, most around the 32 and 33rd degrees.

Freemasons stipulate they have far more proof to show they are not Satan worshippers or some sinister cult compared to the proofs of the anti Freemasons. The Freemasons believe the anti masons target non-informed public to present their case to and this is why they are believable. They use a reference or equations as to how lawyers will try to select an uninformed jury. Of course, a uniformed jury is a necessity. They must be unbiased to present a fair trial. Therefore, this equation does not make sense.

The Freemason will make the allegation that the anti Masons use the very same tactics that they accuse the Freemasons of when it comes to presenting proofs and materials. Often doing it in secrecy.

The slinging back and forth between the Freemasons and anti Freemasons has been going on for years. There is certainly nothing in the near future that gives any indication that this matter will become solved and finally put to rest. It is also evident that the Freemasons are a strong organized group that shows no signs of faltering in membership being, as they don't actively recruit.

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