Where Can I Find Besoms For Sale And What Are They For?

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Enter into the world of enchantment, where your garden isn’t merely an ensemble of flowers and shrubs but a magical blend of whimsy and greenery. Let’s delve into the mystique of the beguiling implement used extensively in witchcraft – the Besom. The besom or a Witch’s broomstick is an item so intrinsically intertwined with the supernatural. It evokes not just a fairy-tale imagery but is also a symbol of a vibrant craft tradition. If you’ve yearned to own one or desire to merely enhance your backyard mystique, there’s good news! Besoms are for sale.


The besom, with its twisted wooden handle and bristles created from twigs or heather, is a beautiful relic of craftsmanship. Behind this seemingly simple design is a rich history that stems from both the mundane and the occult. They were traditionally used as sweeping instruments, of course, but their history in witchcraft and pagan ceremonies adds to their charm. Besoms, when not being flown across the moon by witches, served a symbolic role in rituals. It swept away evil and negative energies, symbolizing purification for sacred grounds before ceremonies. Each besom used in witchcraft would often be tailored to its user, with different woods and materials carrying different magical properties.


Yet besoms can serve beyond the realm of the mystical. The natural, organic look of a besom is a fantastic addition to any home, especially those seeking to convey a farmhouse, rustic, or bohemian style. Its twisted handle and delicate bristles tell stories in their silent presence, adding substance and depth to your interior. When placed strategically, these seemingly ancient broomsticks also function to instill old-world charm in modern-day living spaces. Besoms make for spectacular conversation starters, attracting the attention of your guests, who, no doubt, would be intrigued by its history and charm.


The very act of creating a besom is akin to reviving an old craft. They are hand-made, the process requiring the wielder to have an understanding and relationship with the materials. The wood usually comes from birch, ash, hazel, or oak trees, and their selection isn’t random. Just like in old times, the choice of wood depends on what the owner wants the besom for. Ash, for instance, is said to promote wisdom and prosperity, while birch supposedly drives out evil spirits. As for the bristles? Traditionally, twigs from the broom plant – hence the name ‘broomstick’ – are used. These are bound to the staff with willow or another form of flexible wood.


For those not wanting to get their hands dirty or lacking a patch of woodland to harvest materials from, worry not! The rich craft tradition of besom-making is alive and thriving, with many artisans lovingly hand-making these unique items. Besoms for sale can often be found at farmers’ markets, craft festivals, and, of course, online. When searching for your perfect besom, consider if you want one for decorative use or magical ceremonies, as this can influence the materials used. For decorative uses, you might prefer a besom made from locally sourced woods and natural twigs, whereas for ritual use, specific woods like ash or birch may be chosen for their associated magical properties.


Including a besom in your home or workspace is akin to welcoming a bit of folklore, history, and magical charm into your daily life. Buying one will not only help keep alive an ancient and enchanting craft tradition but is sure to bring a touch of mystical charm into your life. Every besom has its unique story to tell, woven within its birch handle and in the sweep of its twig-laden bristles. Its silent yet imposing presence remains a symbol of mystique and passion for a craft that has stood the test of time. Whether you’re a witch in the traditional sense, or simply a lover of history and all things magical, besoms for sale might just be the addition to your life you’ve been waiting for.

Lilly Dupres

Owner & Author

Lilly Dupres, a lifelong practitioner of paganism, established Define Pagan to offer a clear definition of paganism and challenge misconceptions surrounding modern pagan lifestyles.

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