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Define Pagan20 hours ago
How to Do a Hoodoo Reversal or Return To Sender Spell Have you been cursed? Is someone throwing dark work at you? Has a psychic vampire attached to you? This is a spell to get rid of it! For this work you will need: Salt Rubbing alcohol Essential oils: rosemary, eucalyptus (optional), lavender (optional) Fire safe dish A red and black candle (you can buy the candles I use in this video here: ) [ 79 more words ]
Define Pagan
Define Pagan3 days ago
SUMMIT TO BASE Hoodoo Ski Area, Oregon Cascades Family Skiing Hoodoo Ski Area sits at the top of the Santiam Pass in Oregon, just off of Hwy 20. It's almost right in the middle of the State (north to south) in the Cascade mountain range. It's not a huge mountain, but the lodge is wonderful and the staff are friendly. It has a lot of terrain that is beginner and intermediate friendly as well as some more challenging terrain. [ 130 more words ]
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Define Pagan4 days ago
13 Tips for Beginner Witches || Witchcraft 101 There's definitely more advice I'd give, but these are some of the most common answers I'd have! What are your pieces of advice for others, if you're a seasoned practitioner? Join the online Wonderlust Coven community by subscribing, and use the hashtag #wonderlustcoven on Instagram and see what the rest of the community is up to! [ 108 more words ]
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Define Pagan5 days ago
HOW DOES HE FEEL ABOUT ME? *Pick a Card* Tarot and Charm Reading Singles Relationship Love Timeless Pick a Card Tarot and Charm Reading Singles Relationship Love Timeless - HOW DOES HE FEEL ABOUT ME? ❤️ This video is a 'pick a card' reading. Pick the card you're most drawn to to reveal your message. Here are the timestamps for each card: [ 111 more words ]
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Define Pagan6 days ago
New Age Music: Relaxing Music; Reiki Music; Yoga Music; Relaxation Music; Spa Music; 🌅 Featuring three hours of beautiful Relaxing music by Paul Landry and favourite relaxation music; reiki music & new age music from our library 🌅 - Subscribe here: : Yoga music and spa music. Download Relaxing Music ► Download Paul landry Music ► In this video: [ 328 more words ]

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