Using Scrying Mirrors And Gazing into the Mystical Unknown

Scrying Mirrors

The art of scrying, often associated with divination and the occult, has been practiced for centuries as a means of gaining insight and accessing the hidden realms of consciousness. One of the most iconic tools used is the scrying mirror, a mystical and enigmatic instrument that is believed to possess the power to reveal the past, present, as well as the future.


A Brief History of Scrying


Scrying is an ancient practice that spans across different cultures and civilizations. It involves gazing into a reflective surface to achieve altered states of consciousness and obtain spiritual or prophetic insights. The earliest recorded scrying practices date back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, where people used various mediums such as water, oil, or polished stones.


One of the most famous practitioners of scrying was John Dee, the 16th-century English mathematician, astrologer, and advisor to Queen Elizabeth I. Dee utilized a scrying crystal, often referred to as the “shewstone,” to communicate with angelic beings and explore esoteric knowledge.


The Scrying Mirror


Among the diverse scrying tools, the scrying mirror is a particularly potent and intriguing instrument. It typically consists of a black, obsidian or glass surface that reflects light poorly, allowing for an immersive and meditative experience during scrying. The darkness of the mirror serves as a gateway to the subconscious mind, making it easier to receive intuitive messages and visions.


The Art of Using Scrying Mirrors


A practitioner chooses a quiet and dimly lit space where they won’t be disturbed and also contains a table or stand to support the mirror during the process. The absence of distractions is crucial to focus the mind and they must be able to gaze into the mirror without strain.


They then cleanse and consecrate the scrying mirror. Some practitioners use incense, blessed water, or prayers to purify the mirror’s energy. They will take a few deep breaths to calm the mind and center themselves and then sit or stand comfortably in front of the mirror.


A seasoned practitioner will focus all intention for the scrying session. What do they seek to discover or understand? They keep questions and intentions clear and begin gazing into the mirror. As their gaze softens and becomes unfocused, it allows their mind to drift.


As thoughts and concerns fade away, focused on the present and in the moment they will start to see images, symbols, or even colors appearing on the mirror’s surface. They never force anything, and simply observe and be receptive.


After a scrying session, they record experiences and take note of any images, symbols, or feelings that emerged during the process. The messages or visions themselves may not be immediately clear but could reveal themselves with time and reflection.


Interpretation can also be a personal and intuitive process and they must consider the symbolism and meaning of what was seen and how it relates to the questions and intentions.


The Journey Towards Experienced Scrying


The art of using scrying mirrors is a mystical and introspective journey that allows individuals to tap into the full depths of their consciousness and to also receive guidance from the unknown. Whether a seasoned practitioner or just a curious beginner, scrying mirrors offers a unique opportunity to explore the realms of divination, intuition, and self-discovery.


Scrying is a skill that can be honed with practice, patience, and an open mind. As you delve into the enigmatic world of scrying mirrors, be prepared to unlock the secrets of the universe and gain insights into the mysteries of existence.

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