Using Scrying Mirrors And Gazing into the Mystical Unknown

Scrying Mirrors

Understanding Scrying and Scrying Mirrors

Scrying is an ancient divinatory art that allows us to peer beyond the veil of our mundane reality and glimpse hidden truths. The practice involves gazing into a reflective surface – traditionally a dark mirror, bowl of water, crystal ball or obsidian stone – with a soft, unfocused gaze, allowing our psychic mind to interpret symbols, images and visions that materialize within.


The word “scry” stems from the Old English term “descry” meaning to catch faint glimpses of things not normally visible to the naked eye. Our ancestors believed we all possess an innate “second sight” – the ability to perceive beyond the limits of our physical senses when we enter an altered state of consciousness. Scrying mirrors act as portals to the collective unconscious, conduits between this world and the world of spirit, facilitating the revelation of hidden knowledge about ourselves, others and events past, present or yet to come.


To scry effectively requires patience, practice and the ability to interpret metaphorical images that are unique to our own psyche, rather than taking them at face value. But with time and experience, scrying can awaken our clairvoyance and become a powerful self-development tool that enables us to tap into profound wisdom to guide us on our life path. So while the insights gained may at first seem dim or obscure, continued immersion in this ancient divinatory art can help illuminate our world within and without.


What is a Scrying Mirror?

A scrying mirror, often a black mirror, is a tool used in the art of scrying. It is typically made from polished, reflective materials like obsidian, quartz, or black glass. These mirrors are not just for seeing the future; they are more about accessing deeper levels of consciousness and uncovering hidden knowledge or the truth of a situation.


How to Use a Scrying Mirror

To begin scrying with a mirror, you should:


  1. Find a quiet, dimly lit space where you can focus without distractions.
  2. Place the scrying mirror on a flat surface or hold it in your hands.
  3. Light a candle or use natural light to softly illuminate the mirror without causing a direct reflection.
  4. Gaze into the mirror with a relaxed, soft focus, allowing your eyes to move gently across the surface without staring at a specific point.
  5. Enter a meditative or trance-like state to open your mind to receive visions or insights.
  6. Be patient and allow images, symbols, or feelings to emerge naturally.
  7. Record your experiences in a journal immediately after your session for later reflection and interpretation.

FAQs on Scrying

What is scrying?

Scrying is a divinatory practice where individuals peer into a surface imbued with mystical energy to interpret symbols, images, or visions that emerge.


What is a scrying mirror?

A scrying mirror is a reflective tool, often made from materials like obsidian, used in the practice of scrying to gain insights or guidance.


How to use a scrying mirror?

To use a scrying mirror, create a conducive environment, focus softly on the mirror, enter a trance-like state, and be open to receiving and interpreting the symbols or visions that appear.


Unlocking Inner Wisdom Through the Ancient Art of Scrying

Adopting scrying as part of one’s spiritual work can ignite profound self-discovery and awaken dormant psychic abilities, but mastery requires perseverance. At first, glimpsing anything in the obsidian mirror’s dark depths can seem unlikely, yet with practice, flashes of insight may spark. Symbols and shadowy shapes emerge, cloaked in mystery. Without judgement, observe patiently as images form, dissolve and reconfigure – like watching clouds.


Resist attempting analysis or interpretation during the session – simply witness. Scrying’s power unfolds through regular dedication, by showing up with an open and curious mindset, free from expectations. Progress quickens when we release attachment to results. In time, visions become increasingly complex, vivid and personally relevant – guiding inner work and revealing one’s life path.


With ongoing immersion in the scrying mirror’s shimmering void, self-awareness expands exponentially. Our intuitive voice awakens from its slumber, whispering truths that illuminate our interconnectedness. Fear and illusion recede as higher wisdom prevails, summoned from realms beyond the conscious mind. Ultimately, incorporating this ancient divinatory art into one’s practice can ignite transformation, direction and a sense of purpose – if we embrace scrying as a lifelong path, not just a fleeting pursuit.

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