Contemporary Paganism

Contemporary Paganism refers to a diverse group of religious and spiritual movements that have emerged over the past century. This modern revival of ancient pagan belief systems incorporates various traditions, practices, and philosophies from pre-Christian European cultures. Also known as Neopaganism, contemporary paganism embraces a wide range of beliefs, rituals, and deities, offering a unique spiritual path for individuals seeking a connection with nature, ancestral traditions, and personal growth.


One characteristic of contemporary paganism is its emphasis on nature worship. Paganism is often nature-centered, with a deep reverence for the natural world and its cycles. Many contemporary pagans view nature as sacred and endeavor to live in harmony with it. They celebrate the changing seasons through rituals and ceremonies honoring the solstices, equinoxes, and other significant celestial events. These observances focus on reconnecting with the rhythms of nature and attaining a sense of spiritual unity with the Earth.


Another notable aspect of contemporary paganism is its inclusive and eclectic nature. Unlike mainstream religions, paganism does not have a set doctrine or centralized authority. Individuals and groups are free to construct their own spiritual practices and belief systems based on their personal preferences and experiences. Some pagans choose to connect with specific pantheons of gods and goddesses, such as Nordic, Celtic, or Egyptian, while others follow a more polytheistic or animistic approach. The diversity within paganism allows for a rich tapestry of rituals, traditions, and spiritual experiences.


Contemporary paganism also encourages personal responsibility and self-empowerment. It places an emphasis on individual spiritual growth, exploration, and understanding. Many pagans engage in practices like meditation, visualization, divination, and energy work to deepen their connection with the divine and enhance their personal development. This self-directed approach allows individuals to take control of their spiritual journey and find their own unique path within the pagan community.

Lilly Dupres

Owner & Author

Lilly Dupres, a lifelong practitioner of paganism, established Define Pagan to offer a clear definition of paganism and challenge misconceptions surrounding modern pagan lifestyles.

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