Religions in the world are many. We have the Religion in Myanmar, Christianity, Muslim, Buddhism etc. Sometimes it's hard to know whose telling the truth, or what their real purpose is.

We get so tired of having people shove religion down our throats that we've even become bored of it. Especially because we get disappointed by the examples that so called "ministers" provide for us.

It's gotten so bad that we've completely lost trust for all religions of the world. It's just simply hard to believe in anything anymore, really.

I've personally have come to realize, and tell others, in regards to religion just to live and LEARN more about their roots. Don't ever trust the face you see (i.e. pastors, monks, ministers, followers etc), we're all human in the end.

You can't really ever know the history of something from someone, unless you study the books and know for yourself.

Over the years of having been preached at left and right by many religions, I've realized one thing about almost all of them.

They believe in Justice... and in reality that is not such a bad standard to live by. If a religion is thrown in your face, I've come to the point where I do not automatically shun it.

Learn, meditate, and give it a chance. Even if you come to realize that it's not for you, you would have gotten something out of it.

Knowledge is the key in having a successful life, without it we are simply living a routine. And isn't that what we're really complaining about anyways?

Everything that you see now, that you are now, that you have now... is this really it? I know for a fact that almost everyone has asked themselves this question at one point in their life.

I whole-heartedly believe that we should always, no matter what, seek to improve what we know of this life and its people.

There are so many religions to pick from and learn from, which one to start with? Well, there is Catholicism- did you know that the Virgin Mary had more sons than just Jesus? Or even the religion of Myanmar for example... have you even heard of it before? Lean, live, embrace, and die happy. Die with knowledge!
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