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Religions in the world are many. We have the Religion in Myanmar, Christianity, Muslim, Buddhism etc. Sometimes it's hard to know whose telling the truth, or what their real purpose is.

We get so tired of having people shove religion down our throats that we've even become bored of it. Especially because we get disappointed by the examples that so called "ministers" provide for us.

It's gotten so bad that we've completely lost trust for all religions of the world. It's just simply hard to believe in anything anymore, really.

I've personally have come to realize, and tell others, in regards to religion just to live and LEARN more about their roots. Don't ever trust the face you see (i.e. pastors, monks, ministers, followers etc), we're all human in the end.

You can't really ever know the history of something from someone, unless you study the books and know for yourself.

Over the years of having been preached at left and right by many religions, I've realized one thing about almost all of them.

They believe in Justice... and in reality that is not such a bad standard to live by. If a religion is thrown in your face, I've come to the point where I do not automatically shun it.

Learn, meditate, and give it a chance. Even if you come to realize that it's not for you, you would have gotten something out of it.

Knowledge is the key in having a successful life, without it we are simply living a routine. And isn't that what we're really complaining about anyways?

Everything that you see now, that you are now, that you have now... is this really it? I know for a fact that almost everyone has asked themselves this question at one point in their life.

I whole-heartedly believe that we should always, no matter what, seek to improve what we know of this life and its people.

There are so many religions to pick from and learn from, which one to start with? Well, there is Catholicism- did you know that the Virgin Mary had more sons than just Jesus? Or even the religion of Myanmar for example... have you even heard of it before? Lean, live, embrace, and die happy. Die with knowledge!
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It would seem that Freemasonry is one of the most controversial subjects in existence. There are many questions that arise concerning it but never one straight answer. Its ironic how both Masons and non-Masons or anti Masons each has their own views and concepts regarding it.

Some feel that Freemasonry is some form of religion. Although there are some Masons that will suggest this, most Lodges take the stand that they are not a religion. Their one main tie to religion is that candidates for membership must believe in a ?Supreme Being. According to them, all members are encouraged to be part of an established religion but it is not mandatory to become a member. The choice of the word ?Supreme Being? is interesting in that is it a play on words? Where as many Christians would take it as being God do the Masons take it as being one of their ?Supreme Leaders?. Again, it is one of those questions that the answer leaves room for conjecture. Their propose themselves as a Fraternity that considers high morals, being charitable and philosophical as the credentials for their organization. The Freemasonry has no individuals that they refer to as clergy or ministers implicating some form of religious tie, no do they teach salvation or sacraments.

Non-Masons will express concerns about terms such as temple, worshipful, and craft for example. All terms that are used explicitly when in comes to the Freemasonry. They will respond to these concerns with retorts such as there are many types of temples around such as Labor Temples, or Temples of fine arts. Yet these are not connected to any form of religion. Not all Mason buildings are referred to as temples such as those that are called Lodge halls and Masonic centers. It is interesting to note though if one goes back in History that the Masons feel there was a connotation to the Temple of Solomon as being a form of Lodge.

If we were to go back in History the term worshipful would have been a common term for that era. This would date back to the 1800?s when Freemasonry was becoming established so it would seem it has just been a term that has been carried forward through the years. The definition of this word according to Freemasons as they accept it is in reference to meaning honorable or respected. Now as we have said according to many Masons they do not have clergy yet others will tell you they do have a chaplain and they engage in-group prayer but this does not make them into a religion. Again it seems that a play on words are present and there is not cut and dried answer as to whether one would consider the Freemasonry a definite religion. Alternatively, do they perceive themselves as religious?

It is known that the Freemasons rely strongly on allegory for their teachings. The confusing answers to some of the questions makes one wonder if these answers are based on allegory as well and are not wholly factual in the true sense. In other words as said many times before a play on words.
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Voodoo is the Dahomey word for spirit. It is often spelled as Vodou, or Vodoun - the typical Haitian spelling. Any spirit found in the natural world is vodou. Voodoo is a derivative of the world's oldest known religions which have existed in Africa since the beginning of human civilization - civilizations and religions estimated to be over 10,000 years old. Voodoo is a direct descendent of the religions of these ancient civilizations.

Vodou originates from the western nations of Africa, primarily from the ancient kingdom of Dahomey, which is now present day Benin. Vodou also came from the peoples of the Kongo as well as the Central African regions, including Bakongo, and the Yoruba of Nigeria.

Vodou can be considered a religion shaped more by the evolution of its practicioners than as a static dogma. Therefore, it's necessary to consider the evolvement of Vodou religion from within the framework of its history - politically and socially.

Vodou in general is a religion of tolerance. It freely borrows from other traditions to keep alive African beliefs. This is seen especially clearly in Haitian Vodou.

Haitian Vodou

Haitian Vodou is an initiatory tradition that is practiced by 90% of the population of Haiti - that is, the poor working class and the peasantry. The nation of Haiti that exists today is primarily composed of peoples whose ancestors were brought over as slaves from various African Tribes. The predominant elements of Vodou religion come from these old African religions that the slaves brought with them to Haiti, mixed with the Catholicism that the French forced upon them.

Vodou offers a system of beliefs that provides Haitians both meaning and solace - qualities that are in short supply in a country with no public schools, few working sewers, no public transportation, little industry, and no good roads. Haitian vodou is also highly eclectic: Attemping to recreate their religious culture in Haiti, African slaves expropriated a huge repertory of influences, including bits and pieces from the indigenous Taino Indians, Roman Catholicism, Freemasonry, and European mysticism.

Outlawed within slavery, Vodou needed a disguise if it were to survive oppressive ideologies from Europe. In fact many of the Lwa (worshipped spirits) are known to be of pale skin as opposed to African in their Descent.

These roots are quite evident in Haitian Vodou today. Because Vodou has had such influence on Haitian art and music, even Haitians who are NOT Vodou initiates and do not serve any particular lwa hold widespread respect for the tradition of Vodou.

Haitian art, for example, absorbs and interprets visual culture so masterfully because of its foundation in Vodou - a religion and way of life that was born and survived due to its history of accommodation and inclusion.

New Orleans Vodou - Hoodoo Voodoo

Appearing in the United States as early as the 1800s, Haitian Vodou surfaced mainly in New Orleans. Famed Vodou practitioner, Queen Marie Laveau, popularized it in the New Orleans area. But other forms of vodou existed in the United States dating back before the 1776 revolution.

Hoodoo and Voodoo are both practiced in Louisiana and have many things in common. However, there are differences between the two. Voodoo is a religion, and Hoodoo is an African-American system of folk magickal practice that has typically been handed down from generation to generation. HOODOO, though not a religion, is the folk magic of the common people in West Africa, just as it is in the diaspora today. From so-called love potions," to taking vegenace upon an enemy, Hoodoo is largely what has survived the religious persecution of the Africans enslaved in the New World.

A deep-rooted and serious religion with many rituals, spells, and practices - Voodoo takes believers into the spiritual and transcendental world. Vodou praticioners DO often experience the outcome or impact Vodou spells and ceremonies were meant to bring about. Communicating with passed loved ones, spiritual cleansings, healings and insight - For those who believe in the power, Voodoo is dominant.
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If you are like a lot of people, you have probably dated a lot of people who share the same or similar spiritual beliefs as you. In many instances this is not even discussed if a relationship does not go very far, but if you have been dating someone and you really like them and you just found out that there faith is much different than yours you may have a lot of questions. What if you get married, what sort of ceremony would you have? How would you raise children? How would you spend the holidays?

These are fair questions but before you totally weird out, you need to slow down a bit. You need to spend some time thinking about whether or not you are comfortable proceeding with someone who does not practice the same religion as you.

Some people feel very strongly about this, and there is nothing wrong with it. But, before you have a knee jerk reaction you should really stop and think about the possibilities in front of you. You may find that you are more accepting of someone with a different religion than you may have ever thought you would be.

Dating someone of a different religion doesn't have to be a negative thing, even if you are a very spiritual person. Instead, this can be something that helps you grow as a person and become even stronger in your faith. You can learn more about their religion and what they believe and you can teach them about yours. You may find that you had a lot of misconceptions about their religion and you will be expanding your mind as well as opening your heart to something new. You don't have to take on their religion, but you can both share with one another.

Through this sharing process you may find that your religions have a lot of things in common. You may find that you are both able to keep practicing your faith without impeding the others beliefs. This can be a growing experience for the both of you, and many people have been able to build successful relationships despite differences in their religious beliefs.

If you get married you can make compromises, if you have kids you can teach them both religions, and on holidays you can each incorporate both of your beliefs. You just need to be honest about the way you feel and let your partner know how you are feeling. Being open will allow you to both ask questions, voice concerns, and plan for the future. Religion does not have to impede your relationship, in fact it may allow you to grow in new and interesting ways!
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Aztec Religion

Religion played excellent importance in the life of the Aztecs. The Aztec Religion was a variety of Mesoamerican religion comprising a variety of elements of animism, shamanism and - polytheism included in the framework of calendrics and astronomy. The religion of Aztecs had human sacrifice components that coincided with the a variety of religious festivals of the Aztec calendar. The Aztec pantheon was really large and ever growing. The Aztec incorporated the religious deities of other people and geographic regions. Several gods and goddesses had been worshipped by the Aztecs. Each of the Aztec gods and goddesses ruled one or more than one elements of nature and human activities.

Basis of Aztec Gods

The world was divided into two parts as per the Aztec cosmology- upper world and nether world. Each of this was connected with a particular set of astronomical objects and deities. The celestial objects like the sun, moon and Venus planet had been pretty substantial in the Aztec religion and had diverse religious and symbolic definitions and had been related to geographical places and deities. As Aztec culture depended mainly on farming, most the Aztec gods are agricultural or agro-based. Some Aztec gods were ancestor heroes and some had natural components like solar energy or rain and some gods represented the elements of destiny, fortune, order, civilization, sorcery and war. The Aztecs thought that some gods were good-hearted and some had been of frightening nature.

The belief of Aztecs was grounded in the divine recreation, will and fury of gods, ceremonial rituals for appeasing the gods and human sacrifice for the objective of religious rites.

Aztec Pantheon

The Aztec Gods could be categorized into various groups as per diverse themes. The distinctive groups of Aztec gods are cultural gods, nature gods, gods of creation, gods of Pulque and excess, gods of maize and fertility, gods of death and underworld and tradegods. Many of the Aztec gods like Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca had their origin in earlier Mesoamerican civilizations and they had been recognized by numerous names and worshipped by quite a few earlier cultures.

The Aztecs adopted gods from other cultures and worshipped them as a part of the Aztec pantheon. Xipec Totec, the fertility god was initially a god of the Tlapanec people, and was integrated by the Aztec into their pantheon. Some Aztec gods were connected to distinct trades and a lot of gods represented numerous aspects with numerous names, with every name featuring a certain trait or function of that distinct god. A lot of Aztec gods were related to aspects of games, fun, excess, pulque and drunkenness.

List Of Aztec Gods

The Aztec cultural gods are: - Tezcatlipoca- shaman god, - Quetzalcoatl- god of wind, life and Morningstar, - Tlaloc-god of water, rain, storm and thunder, - Mixcoatl-tribal god of Nahua and - Huitzilopochtli- tribal god of Mexica.

The Aztec nature gods are: - Tonatiuh- sun, - Metztli-moon, - Tlaltecuhtli- earth goddess, - Chalchiuhtlicue-spring goddess, - Centzon Huitznahua- star gods and - Ehecatl- wind god.

The Aztec gods of creation are: - Ometeotl, - Huehueteotl and - Coatlicue.

The Aztec gods of excess and pulque include: - Tlazolteotl, - Tepoztecatl, - Xochiquetzal, - Mayahuel, - Auiateteo, - Ometocthli and - Centzon Totochtin.

The Aztec fertility and maize gods are: - Xipe Totec, - Cinteotl, - Xilonen and - Xochipilli.

The underworld and death gods are: - Mictlantecutli, - Xolotl and - Mictlancihuatl.

The Aztec tradegods are: - Yacatecutli and - Patecatl.
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There was once a time, when magickal beings started appearing on earth; wise ones who knew that since they came from nature and would return to nature it was urgent that they didn't affect the delicate balance of all that constituted our environment on this paradise. They revered the land, the seasons, celebrated the Sun and the Moon and held all animals sacred to their hearts.

As civilizations grew and selfishness and greed enveloped the world, wars and destruction became common and human beings found weapons to kill each other and thought of themselves as civilized and advanced societies. They created new religions and almost destroyed the old magickal cultures.

Deep in their hearts, some of these beings still held on to old beliefs and traditions which were the secret to the survival of our universe. These religions were called "pagan religions" by the ignorant warlords who used the new religions to conquer and destroy magickal people they called "savages" and "heathens". They also tried to kill and burn people who did not believe in these new religions and called them Satanic or evil to incite the common people to destroy them.

Further, they came up with the idea of "Hell" where people would go to, if they did not believe in these new religions.

However, magick always prevails. In spite of the greed and ignorance of these so called "advanced" religions, some of the wiser, gentler, nature worshipping religions survived. They didn't bomb each other, they didn't create havoc and they didn't pollute the world. They respected the environment, taking only enough, leaving plenty for others and never breaking the laws of nature.

Wicca is one of those nature loving religions that was practiced in Northern Europe before the advent of the middle-eastern Judeo-Christian religions and is now on its way to a revival in many parts of the world.

The Wiccans celebrate the cycles of nature and the four seasons, the Sunrise and Sunset as well as the phases of the Moon. They worship the Female Goddess as well as the Male God, and believe that all of us have the power of the cosmic energy that created us. "Wicca" is the old English term for witch. All ancient religions practiced some form of magick. Most of the witches worshipped nature and looked upon all creation as sacred.

Unlike some of the other religions which accept a male God and give up everything to HIS will, Wiccans believe that the Goddess and God are divine powers WHO guide us in our search for spiritual harmony and our urge to CREATE.

Nature had to take a backseat to wars and politics while fundamentalists attacked each other with bombs and chemical weapons to manipulate nature for selfish purposes. The answer to this catastrophic behavior is simple - to return to a peaceful, nature loving way of life.

Natural religions are being accepted back into cultures as a response to the tremendous damage done by modern religions on the earth's resources and environment. Wicca seems to be one of the answers to such a dilemma.
Anyone can join the Wiccan religion. Although there are groups of Wiccans (covens) that make rules and initiate others into this religion, there are no basic requirements to join this religion other than a yearning to live a life of peace and joy in harmony with nature.

Anyone wishing to join the Wicca religion can read and study its history, principles and practice, perform the self-initiation ceremony and start practicing the religion immediately.

Wiccans usually have certain objects that are used for rituals and spells. To increase concentration, objects such as candles, incense, large pots (cauldrons), cups (chalice) and natural treasures such as sticks, stones, wood, etc are used. The symbol of a 5 pointed star, called a pentagram is especially significant to this religion and is used in rituals and ceremonies. To emphasize the importance of these ceremonies, Wiccans use ceremonial robes and wands. There are many books and websites on the Wiccan tools and sacred objects used in rituals.

Wiccans believe that whatever we do in life, whether it has a positive or negative outcome, we get it back three-fold. This is sometimes called the Threefold Law. Because of this belief, Wiccans always think before doing harm to anyone.

Magick is the method of directing energy that is around us to produce a pre-determined outcome. Magick is a command that is directed to the world with the expectation of immediate action. It's a reinforcement of an expected outcome, without a hint of a doubt that it may not happen. Magick not a plea to an all powerful God, it's a command to the divine Goddess of nature who is always ready to make it happen.

Tis the witching hour of night,
Orbed is the moon and bright,
And the stars they glisten, glisten,
Seeming with bright eyes to listen
For what listen they?
John Keats (1795 - 1821)

Wicca is a healing tradition that is based on the love of the Earth. Herbs and healing crystals as well as stones are usually used in rituals. The more they practice the religion, the better they get at understanding how spirituality can restore the world. Wiccans can help heal people with herbal remedies and other holistic healing methods such as Reiki and Meditation.
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Knowing and understanding the various religions can be quite intriguing. One religion that has really grounded itself and has its roots is the Mormon religion. This dates back to the 1830s which is a religion that was founded by a man by the name of Joseph Smith. Up until 2006 there were over 12 million members of this religion so it is not one that would be considered small.

The basis of the doctrine for the Mormon religion is based on historical Christianity with the belief that God raised Joseph Smith as a prophet in order to bring back the true Christianity. They don't have any concept based on the Bible they feel that it is quite inadequate. They actually base more of their beliefs on revelations that Joseph Smith claimed to have discovered. These are all written in what is called the book of Mormon and really are the true Bible to the Mormons. There are two other books that they also hold of great importance and this is the doctrine and covenants and the second is the pearl of great price and they also have a law of referral to the living prophets.

Mormons are primarily known for being missionaries and as a matter of fact it is mandatory for single Mormon men that are in good standing to do two years missionary service before even thinking up becoming married. Women have their own guidelines and also those for women that have gone beyond the ability to raise children. Much of the Mormon religion is based on strong family values but if you look beyond this you are going to find that their values are really not what society looks at as being normal.

According to the Mormon God was once a man and then turned into a God. Ironically though the book of Mormon contradicts this which is not unusual for this particular book. It would seem that the majority of Mormons really don't follow what the book dictates.

When one goes way back and takes a look at some of the beliefs that the Mormons hold, there actually quite disturbing to those that believe in basic Christianity. For example the Mormons believe that God as we know it lives on the planet near the store star Kollo where he has several wives and is having spiritual children. Then they believe that Jesus and Satan are Spirit Brothers. They also include in their teachings that Jesus was married to more than one wife. There is some speculation as to whether this is still being taught. This could be based on the fact why there is than a lot of perception about Mormons taking on more than one wife.

The Mormons is one of those religions that has their own secret rights and special temples and one sometimes will equate them to the Masons. They also have a baptism of the dead rights which is what they classify as proxy. They also believe in wearing magical underwear that supposedly gives them some special protection. What is interesting here is that on this underwear there are some designs of images that stem from the Freemason. There is much speculation that this religion is very close to the Masons and it is said that Joseph Smith himself was a Freemason. Their Temple happenings are held in secrecy such as the Masons as well. When one takes a look at this religion there are very many similarities to the Freemasons.

It's interesting to note that although Joseph Smith is considered as a prophet none of his prophecies came true. The untimely demise of Joseph Smith is that he didn't reach the age of 85 because he was murdered in 1844. There were many prophecies of Smith. that just sort of went by the wayside. There are many that feel that the Mormons have a good heart they are just miss guided individuals
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Those that support the Mormon religion will value the background basics that the Mormons stand on. They believe in large families and it is a ruling that when a young man reaches the age of 19 years to dedicate two years of his life free of service in order to be a missionary and preach for recruitment of the church. There are many conservative lifestyles that the Mormon live and this is by choice. For anyone that is friends to a Mormon or is in contact with one that will be amused by some of their words! For example such as gosh dammit.

There are many parts of the Mormon religion that are quite often overlooked. When it comes to looking at their way of living for example they do not drink alcohol or coffee yet on the other hand they are well known for having good times amongst themselves. The reason that they abstain from these is because of Joseph Smiths teaching that they were not to drink anything that was strong or hot based on the fact that it was better for their health . In addition to this Mormons will certainly not resort to foul language

As said the Mormon religion believes in large families and this is based on the commandment that was given to Adam and Eve to replenish the earth . It must be remembered that the Mormons believe that their families are going to exist in their next life once they pass on and therefore it is important that they build their family relationships now in order to be able to thoroughly enjoy them through eternity.

It must be remembered also that the young male missionaries that go out and do their part take their responsibility very seriously. No matter what they may be involved in such as school or business their responsibility is that they offer two years to do the recruitment and promoting the reading of the book of Mormon which was written by Joseph Smith. During this period of time you will find these young missionaries will not party or date in any way. Their entire focus must be on preaching the word and spreading what their book of Mormon tells them.

There some other aspects of the Mormon religion that many people cannot understand. Mormons wear what they consider as a sacred underwear and their place of worship is classed as temples. Some of the ordinances that are carried out in the temples are quite secretive and restricted to certain members or attendants. When it comes to their weddings they are conducted in special chambers and not referred to as weddings but are called sealing. Although many may have controversies with the Mormon religion one thing that cannot be taken away from them is theirdedication to their beliefs.

It is unlikely that any time soon that Mormons are going to have to quit defending their religion being as if this is something that has been going on for many years. On the other hand it's very unlikely that one will see an end to the Mormon religion as it is a very strong religion particularly throughout the United States
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