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Witchcraft / Wicca is a positive, earthy religion dedicated to the Goddess and the God. Witches lead a spiritual and magickal life in harmony with Nature and recognize that all Life is an expression of the Divine.

Witchcraft is also called the Craft of the Wise. For the Witch, Wisdom is about interacting with everything and everyone around you in a respectful and considerate manner, it is about being humble - allowing your deeds to speak and not your words, it is about kindness, compassion and tolerance, it is about self-discipline, honor and responsibility, it is about healing, it is about thinking before you act, it is about balance, and ultimately it is about Love.

"In these eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill,
An ye harm none, do what ye will".

So, what will make you a Witch? In this article I hope to point you, the Seeker, towards the starting point of your journey. There are many roads leading to the proverbial Rome and as you learn, you too will find that path leading to your own spiritual fulfillment.

Getting Started

Seekers tend to believe that Witches have "powerful secrets" and "special incantations" and all sorts of "mysterious abilities" and that they will learn these once they belong to the Craft.

The truth is that each coven and each solitary will develop their own secrets, own incantations and own abilities over time. There is no universal form of the Craft and hence no universal secrets, incantations or abilities. Although the Craft predates Christianity, it has succeeded in retaining its individuality. Completely. The only universal aspects of the Craft are that the Spiritual Experience is the one shared with Deity and that the No Harm principle will apply at all times.

So, where to now?

The key to moving forward lies in Knowledge. We are in a very fortunate position today. There is an abundance of information available for the Seeker - both in print and on the internet. All it requires, is for you to be open-minded (i.e. not have preconceived ideas), to question all that is presented (this is not considered irreverent in the Craft) and to trust your intuition (gut feel).

To get you going, I am recommending the following books and internet sites:

There are two books I highly recommend to a Seeker. The one is Wicca: A guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham ISBN 0-87542-118-0. Scott wrote many books on a variety of subjects related to the Craft in his life time, all of which were practical, simple, informative and accurate. As an author he has contributed greatly to making the Craft accessible to Seekers and he was prepared to share his two or more decades of practicing the Craft in an open, honest and loving fashion. His books are recommended. The second is Solitary Witch by Silver Ravenwolf ISBN 0-7387-0319-2. This book is extremely comprehensive and contains most, if not all, of the information you will ever need to become a Witch. Silver too has been practicing the Craft for a great many years and is a Wiccan High Priestess and the Clan Head of the 28 Black Forest Family Covens in the USA.

By recommending these books, I am in no way implying that you should become a Solitary. This recommendation is aimed to assist you in obtaining the necessary Craft knowledge, before deciding on a coven affiliation.
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Three years ago I was watching the news when a report about a man winning the lotto caught my attention. This man said he was a practicing Wiccan and had a premonition he would win the Lotto.So he bought a ticket and won a huge sum of money.

I had heard about Wicca before but now I was intrigued. What was the power of Wicca that this man attributed he good fortune to it?

I immediately began to search on the web to learn all I could.

The problem is that unlike Judaism or Catholicism , Wicca has different meanings to different people. While I personally think this is a plus, as I never believed that there is one set of rules to follow when it comes to religion, it makes it extremely difficult to get real information regarding Wicca.

Because Wicca has been underground for so long due to persecution it has attracted many people who simply want to take advantage of people like me. They use miss truths and false knowledge for power and control. However, there are many good people filled with knowledge just waiting for you to find them.

How do you find them?

Finding good information is no longer hard. All you have to do is search on Google and you will find many communities filled with good knowledgeable people. Sites like these tend to weed out the people trying to spread misinformation. In these communities you will find people at every stage of learning from beginners like me to life long second and third generation practitioners.

These communities will welcome you with open arms and be filled with useful information. Following Wicca no longer has to be a solitary pursuit.

Blessed Be.
Want to find out more about Wicca, then visit Brian Kleiner's Wiccan Community .

If you know anything about word etymology, you would know that the word "Celtic" is derived from the Greek word "Keltoi" and it refers to the people who lived beyond the Alps. In modern geography, Keltoi included France, Germany and northern Italy; but did not originally include Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England as the Greeks were unaware of its existence altogether.

The terms "Celtic Wicca" and "Celtic Witchcraft" are often used interchangeably, but are in truth not one and the same. Wicca is a modern neo-pagan movement, founded by Gerald Gardner. Celtic Wicca refers to a specific Wiccan path which incorporates several of the elements of the Celtic Tradition into their practices, beliefs and rituals. Celtic Witchcraft, on the other hand, is the traditional Craft as practiced by Celtic Witches for centuries, perhaps even millennia. There are sadly very few of the original and truly traditional Celtic Witches around today.

The traditions, practices and beliefs of Celtic Wicca are relatively diverse and to some extent dependent on the lineage of the coven. Each coven within a single lineage may also have their own special deities, rituals, traditions, practices and beliefs. The very nature of Wicca promotes eclecticism - irrespective of the path that is followed.

Strong spirituality, a reverence for the Earth and respect for everything the earth contains, form the basis of Celtic Wicca. An integral part of this religion is the love for and worship of Celtic Goddesses and Gods.

The pantheon is three tiered. On the first tier you will find the children and subjects of Danu / Anu (the Mother Goddess) and Dagda (the Father God). On the second tier are the children of the first tier Gods and Goddesses. They sometimes bumped into humans and nature spirits. Nature spirits form the third tier of the pantheon.

The Celts celebrate the Triple Goddess. She is Danu/Anu in Her maiden aspect, Badb in Her mother aspect and Ceridwen in Her crone aspect.

Although there have been some historic "battles of the sexes" in the traditional Celtic Witchcraft, Celtic Wicca opted for parity and peace. Unlike Dianic Wicca, in which there is either female dominance or exclusivity, Celtic Wicca has a gender-equal belief. Of interest in the Celtic pantheon is that the female goddesses are the warriors (Badb, Brigantia, Macha, Nemain etc.) and also that the Goddesses have multiple portfolios (Brigid = Healing, Fertility, Poetry and the Forge), whereas the Gods generally only have a single task to accomplish.
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