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Knowing and understanding the various religions can be quite intriguing. One religion that has really grounded itself and has its roots is the Mormon religion. This dates back to the 1830s which is a religion that was founded by a man by the name of Joseph Smith. Up until 2006 there were over 12 million members of this religion so it is not one that would be considered small.

The basis of the doctrine for the Mormon religion is based on historical Christianity with the belief that God raised Joseph Smith as a prophet in order to bring back the true Christianity. They don't have any concept based on the Bible they feel that it is quite inadequate. They actually base more of their beliefs on revelations that Joseph Smith claimed to have discovered. These are all written in what is called the book of Mormon and really are the true Bible to the Mormons. There are two other books that they also hold of great importance and this is the doctrine and covenants and the second is the pearl of great price and they also have a law of referral to the living prophets.

Mormons are primarily known for being missionaries and as a matter of fact it is mandatory for single Mormon men that are in good standing to do two years missionary service before even thinking up becoming married. Women have their own guidelines and also those for women that have gone beyond the ability to raise children. Much of the Mormon religion is based on strong family values but if you look beyond this you are going to find that their values are really not what society looks at as being normal.

According to the Mormon God was once a man and then turned into a God. Ironically though the book of Mormon contradicts this which is not unusual for this particular book. It would seem that the majority of Mormons really don't follow what the book dictates.

When one goes way back and takes a look at some of the beliefs that the Mormons hold, there actually quite disturbing to those that believe in basic Christianity. For example the Mormons believe that God as we know it lives on the planet near the store star Kollo where he has several wives and is having spiritual children. Then they believe that Jesus and Satan are Spirit Brothers. They also include in their teachings that Jesus was married to more than one wife. There is some speculation as to whether this is still being taught. This could be based on the fact why there is than a lot of perception about Mormons taking on more than one wife.

The Mormons is one of those religions that has their own secret rights and special temples and one sometimes will equate them to the Masons. They also have a baptism of the dead rights which is what they classify as proxy. They also believe in wearing magical underwear that supposedly gives them some special protection. What is interesting here is that on this underwear there are some designs of images that stem from the Freemason. There is much speculation that this religion is very close to the Masons and it is said that Joseph Smith himself was a Freemason. Their Temple happenings are held in secrecy such as the Masons as well. When one takes a look at this religion there are very many similarities to the Freemasons.

It's interesting to note that although Joseph Smith is considered as a prophet none of his prophecies came true. The untimely demise of Joseph Smith is that he didn't reach the age of 85 because he was murdered in 1844. There were many prophecies of Smith. that just sort of went by the wayside. There are many that feel that the Mormons have a good heart they are just miss guided individuals
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It is normal to see that there is not much understanding in the public consciousness regarding what witchcraft in all about. There is something that can be said about witchcraft is that it is two things: a religion and also a general mindset.

It's getting more popular nowadays as increasing amounts of people all around the planet start to perform its various rituals. Witchcraft is an ancient practice which finds common ancestry from within paganism because it is quite tightly in connection with that belief system as well.

The two of these might be categorized under the label of uncommon religious systems, all this even when at the era where these religions were more common, no one would have called them unorthodox.

You cannot call witchcraft one uniform system, instead, it's a set of different ways of practicing it. Some of them are very traditional and conservative, sticking to the old ways of how rituals used to be performed.

Then again, some of these are very modern, incorporating into its canon elements from other contemporary movements. The self-help and/or New Age movement is one example of such an influence.

Traditional witchcraft got its start from Britain - it has a centuries long tradition there, and as was said, up to the Middle Ages it was the predominant belief system. Witchcraft was a normal and common part of everyday life and that's how society functioned.

At a certain point it received a strong stigma from the church, in part due to some practitioners (witches) going to extremes and using, for example, blood in their rituals.

That was what got the church interested in bringing the practice down as heresy. This lead to widespread prejudice against witches.
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