Some of the most beautiful and honest vows I have heard are from those involved in a Pagan ritual, the Wicca Handfasting or Handbinding.

This is a ceremony that binds two individuals together but instead of traditional wedding vows, the two are bound by their belief in one another and their promises to the Natural world around them.

I simply love this type of ceremony. There is something so peaceful and beautiful there. Not only is it the colours and smiles, as with every weddings, but also the grounded suitability and altruism of the people involved.

Pagan Handfasting involves a number of different aspects. It can be done in several ways but the most popular is for the two individuals holding hands and the celebrant wraps a cord or ribbon around their hands, tying a knot in it. The couple exchange promises (and kiss - I think it is a great time to put a kiss in there) and then the celebrant unwraps the cord without untying the knot, thus symbolising their union.

Guests may be asked to stand in a circle to call the quarters, lighting of a unity candle and ultimately, the "binding of hands". There can be any number of readings and sometimes the Jumping of the Broom! Overall the ceremony is full of rituals that are centuries old.

Some like to promise their love for "as long as it lasts" and after such time are free to part ways. A more traditional view is for the promise of a betrothal of "a year and a day", at which point it can be decided to renew or not. Equally "a lifetime"and"for all of eternity" can be appropriate pledges.

The time of day, the setting of the sun and moon and time in the year are all important aspects. The most important is choosing the right celebrant to write an individual script for the happy couple involved. (Hint, Hint!)


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