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Modern Day Witchcraft has its roots in the Goddess Religions, dating at least as far back as 25,000 BC during the Gravettian-Aurignacian Culture. Numerous female figurines and sculptures have been found throughout the greater part of Europe and the East, which supports the theory of a Great Mother Cult during those early years.

Naturally, many attempts have been made during the ages by various cultures and religions to destroy Goddess worship. She was married off to Gods in her various aspects in order to reduce Her standing and sometimes even executed and killed. Still Her worship prevailed.

The establishment of Witchcraft was a gradual evolution, and not a conscious action. The use of the term Witch was also broadly applied and encompassed everyone from seers to healers and everything in-between. These Witches were not necessarily Goddess worshippers either. They were found in every religion and in every culture across millennia.

Until 1021AD, witches were seen by society as the Wise Ones and highly regarded as healers. They assisted with child births, were skilled in divination and understood the medicinal qualities of plants. They offered comfort and help to those in need. Many Witches of that era were Christian, which made them even easier to accept and respect.

In 1022AD, under Pope Benedict VIII's reign, all that was set to change. The execution of the first "heretic" during 1022 heralded the start of a 753 year reign of terror, generally referred to as the Burning Times, which was to last until 1775 when the last execution of accused Witches took place; that of nine old women in Poland. Millions of people (including children!) accused of Witchcraft were killed in the most gruesome of ways during this period resulting in what is probably one of the biggest acts of genocide this world had ever seen.

The deaths of accused witches were not always at the stake. Many witches died during torture and during "provings". Looking back on the methods employed, it sends a shudder down one's spine. James I (1566-1624) of Scotland even wrote a book called Daemonologie. The purpose of this book was to explain how to identify a witch. Some of the methods employed were:

Identifying the Witch's Mark: James I held that the Witch's mark was a place on the body where a witch can experience no pain. The location of this area allegedly differed from one witch to another. Hence, every inch of the accused witch's body was pricked with needles to locate the Witch's Mark.

The Water Test: In Daemonologie, James I proposed that only real witches can float in water. He based this theory on the fact that water was a holy substance and as a result it would not take a Witch to its depth. As a result, an accused Witch's hands and feet were bound before being thrown into a lake or a river. If innocent, the accused would drown. And die. If guilty, the accused would be burnt at the stake. Either way, the accused ended up dead.
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There is nobody in the world that has not had those delicate moments when they would like to know what's going on with their lives and what the rapid and long-time period future beholds for them. Among the ways that individuals take to get an perception into their future is tarot reading and astrology. One considers Astrology to be extra mainstream means of wanting into the long run, but these reading is fast gaining prominence. If you are on the lookout for a professional, listed here are some ideas that you must remember:

Divination has all the time been known to be a subject whose view depends and varies from particular person to person. Tarot belongs to the league of those mystic sciences, in truth, in Europe, earlier than the 18th Century, individuals used the Tarot decks to play card games.

If you have an interest in a whole card studying session then it is best you work with a physic reader. A physic tarot card reader won't ever cover his intuitive skills and however if you question a reader on his physic talents and he hesitates even for a second, you must get your answer. When you've got got signed up for a net based session of card reading and do not need the opportunity of assembly the reader to make clear particulars then you need to learn his resumes and work expertise information beforehand so that you're fully glad together with your tarot studying session.

Is the Tarot Reader a Member of any Groups?

The popularity of tarot cards is rising and a lot of people are actually utilizing the skills of a tarot advisor to assist them simplify the issues of their lives. Nevertheless one should know that these are simply tips to guide a better life and never a sure shot answer to problems.

You can very simply discover a physic tarot card reader with somewhat bit of research. One of the very best ways to discover a reader who's physic is by phrase of mouth. You'll have the opportunity to ask around folks if they have ever visited a physic tarot reader and then take it from there.

With a suggestion for a tarot reader from my friend I gave it a try. The tarot reader informed me not to give up my job and that my financial scenario would improve in a brief interval of time. I was completely shocked, but but convinced. I didn't give up my job.

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Most folks going through some form of issues in life have been known to get reduction through tarot readings. The people who find themselves making an attempt laborious to make progress of their love lives, enterprise or career rely on tarot reading for locating their luck. Chances are you'll discover it onerous to consider that the number of folks believing in these readings is rising on a every day basis.

Not all card readers are physic. A physic tarot card reader has intuitive abilities. These intuitive abilities are inherent in physic people they usually can get an image of anything previous or current with just the feel of something the shopper makes use of or has experienced. Physic readers have intuitive powers and so they merely use the tarot deck of playing cards to channelize their energy. The tarot playing cards help improve the intuitive skills of the reader and this helps with actually correct predictions.

The reverse which means may point in the direction of foolhardiness, an impulsive action, instability and gambling. On the reverse, The Joker also means the wasting of energy, both inventive or physical. This card may additionally level to a person as being somebody who begins a job or work, but never completes those tasks.

Every tarot card has a particular that means and a guide who is perceptive and a non-judgemental one can handle this work of deciphering the tarot cards. Studying the tarot cards is certainly an artwork and therefore the guide ought to have a thorough knowledge of this artwork earlier than she or he gets into interpreting the which means of the hand. There are different kinds of tarot packs based mostly on regional patterns and designs. These are the French suited Tarot, Non Occult Italian tarot, the Occult tarot and similar types.

According to the believers this type of reading is of great accuracy. The development within the expertise has taken these readings to a higher stage too. The tarot studying companies by the cellphone and web has made it really simplistic. You will get temporary readings by your phone too. All of it depends upon your preference. Relatively you need to have your readings carried out in particular person or on the phone, it's going to be an awesome experience.

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