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Witchcraft / Wicca is a positive, earthy religion dedicated to the Goddess and the God. Witches lead a spiritual and magickal life in harmony with Nature and recognize that all Life is an expression of the Divine.

Witchcraft is also called the Craft of the Wise. For the Witch, Wisdom is about interacting with everything and everyone around you in a respectful and considerate manner, it is about being humble - allowing your deeds to speak and not your words, it is about kindness, compassion and tolerance, it is about self-discipline, honor and responsibility, it is about healing, it is about thinking before you act, it is about balance, and ultimately it is about Love.

"In these eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill,
An ye harm none, do what ye will".

So, what will make you a Witch? In this article I hope to point you, the Seeker, towards the starting point of your journey. There are many roads leading to the proverbial Rome and as you learn, you too will find that path leading to your own spiritual fulfillment.

Getting Started

Seekers tend to believe that Witches have "powerful secrets" and "special incantations" and all sorts of "mysterious abilities" and that they will learn these once they belong to the Craft.

The truth is that each coven and each solitary will develop their own secrets, own incantations and own abilities over time. There is no universal form of the Craft and hence no universal secrets, incantations or abilities. Although the Craft predates Christianity, it has succeeded in retaining its individuality. Completely. The only universal aspects of the Craft are that the Spiritual Experience is the one shared with Deity and that the No Harm principle will apply at all times.

So, where to now?

The key to moving forward lies in Knowledge. We are in a very fortunate position today. There is an abundance of information available for the Seeker - both in print and on the internet. All it requires, is for you to be open-minded (i.e. not have preconceived ideas), to question all that is presented (this is not considered irreverent in the Craft) and to trust your intuition (gut feel).

To get you going, I am recommending the following books and internet sites:

There are two books I highly recommend to a Seeker. The one is Wicca: A guide for the Solitary Practitioner by Scott Cunningham ISBN 0-87542-118-0. Scott wrote many books on a variety of subjects related to the Craft in his life time, all of which were practical, simple, informative and accurate. As an author he has contributed greatly to making the Craft accessible to Seekers and he was prepared to share his two or more decades of practicing the Craft in an open, honest and loving fashion. His books are recommended. The second is Solitary Witch by Silver Ravenwolf ISBN 0-7387-0319-2. This book is extremely comprehensive and contains most, if not all, of the information you will ever need to become a Witch. Silver too has been practicing the Craft for a great many years and is a Wiccan High Priestess and the Clan Head of the 28 Black Forest Family Covens in the USA.

By recommending these books, I am in no way implying that you should become a Solitary. This recommendation is aimed to assist you in obtaining the necessary Craft knowledge, before deciding on a coven affiliation.
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A deck of tarot cards consists of cards with images on them which are symbolic of various things. The meaning of each tarot card varies greatly though. The symbol on each card represents certain things such as misfortune, fortune, birth, death, and much more. The reading of tarot cards is believed to be able to reveal events and happenings within a person's life.

The tarot cards first used were the French suited cards. They did not get used for future predicting, but rather playing card games. When using tarot cards to predict the future, the first person to do this was Etteilla. The tarot cards that were used consisted of 78 tarot cards. Each one had varying symbols, and the meaning of each tarot card was different to the next.

Tarot cards allow for a connection. This connection is between the card reader and the collective unconscious. What is the collective unconscious? The collective unconscious is really a spiritual connection. It exists between all living things in the past and present. Another explanation for collective unconscious is a spiritual power - a power that's found everywhere in our universe.

Interpreting tarot cards is certainly not an easy thing to do. The first thing to remember is the symbolic meaning of each tarot card. To become a good tarot card reader you must practice - this is very important. It is not enough just to know the symbolic meaning of each tarot card - the true meaning depends on the layout of the cards also. You simply cannot give an accurate meaning of a single isolated card.

Before attempting to understand the meaning of each tarot card one must understand the two major tarot card groups, the major arcana consisting twenty-two cards and the minor arcana cards consisting fifty-six cards. The major arcana cards are usually symbolic of matters of great significance while the minor arcana cards predict about everyday affairs like career and personal life.

The major Arcana card includes The Fool, The Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The Hierophant, The Lovers, The Chariot, Strength, The Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, Justice, The Hanged Man, Death, Temperance, The Devil, The Tower, The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Judgement and The World.

The meaning of each tarot card is very different from the next. As an example, The Magician is a sign of gaining control of the material world, while The Fool symbolizes a physical or spiritual journey, and possibly the beginning of a new life cycle. Wisdom and secret knowledge goes with The High Priestess, and The Empress signifies general well being, creativeness and security.

The emperor is symbolic of authority, worldly power, responsible and structure. The Hierophant refers to religious authority, guidance, routine and ritual. The lover is symbolic of union and harmony. The Chariot represents victory over adversity. Strength is symbolic of self-control and courage.

The meaning of each tarot card also depends on the card being upright or reversed. The meanings discussed are in the case of upright cards. The Hermit indicates caution and want of prudence. The Wheel of Fortune indicates effortless success, luck and good fortune. Justice indicates fair solutions to conflict. The Hangman suggests devotion towards a worthy cause. Death is indicative of a new life, a new beginning and major changes.

The Moon tarot card refers to illusions, but could be imagination. The Temperence represents co-operation, combination and co-ordination. The star is symbolic of healing or hope, and The Devil stands for money and physical things including material pleasures. The Tower is representative of loss, conflict, disruption, and other major life changes.

The Judgement tarot card is representative of joy that has been found in work, or a specific life period. The World is symbolic of projects completed and events in life, and The Sun stands for contentment or happiness. These meanings as provided are simply a general guideline, however the meaning of each tarot card is a lot more complicated than what meets the eye here.

Within the minor arcana there are 4 suits, and each suit includes 14 cards. The four suits are the Suit of Cups, Suit of Coins, Suit of Swords and the Suit of Wands. The cards within the Cups suit are the Ace of Cups, 2 of Cups, 3 of Cups etc etc all the way up to 10 of Cups. Following this comes the Page of Cups, The Knight of Cups, The Queen of Cups and The King of Cups. The meaning of each tarot card is very different.

Ace of wands indicates creative flame or beginning of a new work, 2 of wands indicate willpower and boldness, 3 of wands indicates balanced cooperation of action and willpower, 4 of wands hints towards attainment of goal after a long period of struggle, 5 of wands refers to opposition and resistance, 6 of wands indicate triumph and victory after struggle, 7 of wands indicate courage amidst difficulties, 8 of wands refers to swift action, 9 of wands refers towards strength and 10 of wands towards oppression.

The page of wands is also known as the princess of wands and it means a trustworthy person who wants to bring joy to the people around him or her, Knight of wands indicates an energetic person, the queen of wands indicates a fair, generous and capable person and the king of wands indicates a kind generous man who loves his family and home. Therefore, the meaning of each tarot card in a suit is different.

The Suit of Cups, The Suit of Coins, The Suit of Wands and The Suit of Swords all have an ace card, cards numbered two to ten and cards of page, knight, queen and king. All these cards have different meanings and connotations and one has to be an expert through practise to know the right meaning of each tarot card.
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It is normal to see that there is not much understanding in the public consciousness regarding what witchcraft in all about. There is something that can be said about witchcraft is that it is two things: a religion and also a general mindset.

It's getting more popular nowadays as increasing amounts of people all around the planet start to perform its various rituals. Witchcraft is an ancient practice which finds common ancestry from within paganism because it is quite tightly in connection with that belief system as well.

The two of these might be categorized under the label of uncommon religious systems, all this even when at the era where these religions were more common, no one would have called them unorthodox.

You cannot call witchcraft one uniform system, instead, it's a set of different ways of practicing it. Some of them are very traditional and conservative, sticking to the old ways of how rituals used to be performed.

Then again, some of these are very modern, incorporating into its canon elements from other contemporary movements. The self-help and/or New Age movement is one example of such an influence.

Traditional witchcraft got its start from Britain - it has a centuries long tradition there, and as was said, up to the Middle Ages it was the predominant belief system. Witchcraft was a normal and common part of everyday life and that's how society functioned.

At a certain point it received a strong stigma from the church, in part due to some practitioners (witches) going to extremes and using, for example, blood in their rituals.

That was what got the church interested in bringing the practice down as heresy. This lead to widespread prejudice against witches.
So in conclusion, this belief system has existed for quite a while, has strong traditions, but is also being actively practiced today by millions of individuals everywhere around the globe. http://www.witchcraftspellss.com can be quite effective. To find out about this ancient art, then read this: Witchcraft spells .

Astrology displays the standard human characteristics inherent in every person at birth with particular conduct as well as character designs of the person. Astrology depends simply on the sunlight indication or birth indication, provides incomplete peek associated with such a total astrology user profile may make.

Aries: Aries tend to become the dynamo of one's energy when they arrange their own thoughts upon attaining a few objectives. Motion as well as accomplishment is essential as well as sluggish pokes, which obtain in the manner, look out! Aries might action in your feet. Like an enthusiast, they are eager as well as enterprising.

Taurus: The warm-hearted Taurus is outfitted to give heed to someone's problem and advice them later. Have extreme patience and persistence to acheive goal in life.

Gemini: Geminis are quite afraid of boredom and this fear propels them into constant activities and participation. They need someone to communicate and stretch their mind with ideas and this is manifested with a docket of activities. Geminis are eager to learn anything new on lot of different subjects but not deeply.

Cancer: Cancerians have a natural understanding, which propels them to worry about others regarding their feelings and emotions. Their temperaments lead them to cock-a-hoop at one moment and down in the pits the next.

Leo: Leos are very kind hearted and generous. They have natural tendency to organize events. Their natural high-spirited energy is communicable and affects those around them. They have bossy nature and have a tendency to be interfering.

Virgo: Virginians are self-effacing, snobbish and sensible. They are strivers and inclined toward competence and hates nonsense. They revolve around the smallest of details in most of their speeches and hence often miss the big picture.

Libra: Generally battling to maintain serenity as well as tranquility, Libras attempt ducking from a disagreement; prevent going for an aspect within a debate or even stating something, which may harm somebody.

Scorpio: This is actually the grasp investigator at the office, incognito as well as happy with this. You do not need to allow anybody understand what are you doing inside, Scorpio understands, and that is everything is essential. An enthusiastic capability with regard to analytical considering can make this particular indication an issue solver.

Sagittarius: Excitement, confidence along with a hoping to savor existence towards the maximum determines the actual Sagittarius. The sightless confidence as well as undisciplined exuberance triggers the actual Sagittarius individual being reckless as well as careless within their transactions along with other people.

Capricorn: Wise, cautious as well as regimented. Capricorns need to behave in right manner and as a result, they are caught up in organized way of doing things.

Aquarian: The term self-reliance had been created to explain the actual Aquarian. This particular pleasant as well as idealistic individual must preserve independence associated with personal, that seems to a few because aloofness.

Pisces: Pisces strongly believes in reality and avoids the dream world. Their positive attitude and vision allows for an extremely perceptive and inspired talent that they frequently use for their daily cosmos.
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Prediction with the help of tarot cards originated from very old cultures. It is among the many occult sciences with very little modification through the years when it comes to explanations or meaning. The practice of forecasting the future is quite complicated but there are some simple forms which can be mastered by occult fans who find it a fascinating art and learn the tarot meanings. The ways in which the cards are placed in a bid to read the past, present or future are called tarot spreads. There are many online psychics who will provide you with free tarot to start with so you can see the quality of services that they provide.

There are a variety of tarot spreads that can assist in answering your questions even better. In the majority of the cases, the online psychic will decide which of the tarot spreads would be best for you. But you can glean information even from the simplest of tarot spreads. The importance of the tarot spreads normally comes in when you want particular details that you are interested in. The details are captured with ease based on the particular pattern or layout in which the tarot cards are placed and then read. Free tarot is quite commonly available on the Net today if only for a few minutes. The reader should be very well versed with the tarot meanings; the free tarot reading is good enough to give you a fair idea of whether you want to continue with the particular online psychic but at a cost.

Among the different tarot spreads there are some that are rare and some that are very popular like the Ellipse Spread, the Celtic Cross Spread, the Three Cards Spread and the Five Cards Spread. In the Celtic Cross Spread, ten cards are made use of, spread so as to form a cross. These cards show the situation that you are looking to comprehend and forecast. There are tarot meanings for each card; its presence and position explains why a situation took place, how it might affect you, whether you might be able to prevent it and what the result might be. This is one of the most common tarot spreads that you might encounter even in free tarot.

The Ellipse Spread is not very common but is easy to use among the different tarot spreads. The name ellipse comes from the tarot cards being spread in the shape of a V. The first card is placed on the left; this tarot card stands for the past. The second card is placed a little lower in the shape of a V and this one represents the present. The rest of the cards from three to seven are placed to form the rest of the V. Card three stands for the future, card four tells you what you ought to do, card five recognizes the external powers that are engaged in your particular situation, card six brings out your hopes as well as fears and card seven will tell you what the outcome is likely to be. You can get answers to your problems in the form of tarot meanings when you opt for a free tarot to start with.

So if you are looking for free tarot then see how the online psychics here can provide you with tarot meanings.