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Tarot cards and the ability to divine is an amazing skill to have. Tarot cards allow us to peer into past, present and future and find answers which sometimes can be hard or next to impossible to find.

* Tarot Card Basics
Tarot cards are cards that allow you to divine. That is to look into something and learn more about it. So, you can find out about topics or questions on your mind, or what others have as questions and are in need of answers.

Tarot cards are a set of cards which when shuffled bring the enquirer an answer. This is usually through intuition. The cards have different meanings, and the symbols are designed to stir up something in the unconscious mind that brings the answers or intuition. Though some people also believe that answers are from God, higher spirit, angels, etc.

The cards are accurate in the information they provide. However, you may not be! This brings us to the 2 type of Tarot card readers, in what I term the Tarot card reader and the diviner.

The Tarot card reader is someone who has just began in the journey of Tarot. At first, when you begin, you will need to look at the book and find the meaning of the cards. However, I believe this does not give the most accurate information for our questions, as these meanings are only a loose guide.

The diviner is someone who has excelled in there ability to pierce the veil and find the answers they seek through the use of intuition. It can take many years to get to this stage. However, every time that you divine, you will get better and better. This all depends on your spiritual evolution at this time. Some people have great intuition when they begin reading the cards, while others have to spend years, and yet others may not quite be able to connect in a whole lifetime.

* First Steps To Buying A Set Of Tarot Cards
My first set of Tarot cards were not expensive, in fact they cost the equivalent of a few dollars! When beginning your journey of divining with Tarot cards, realize that you do not have to invest in an expensive set of Tarot cards, you can easily start with a low priced beginners Tarot card set, and then once you feel you want to continue on this amazing path, then you can invest in a more expensive set.

* Tarot Card Tips And Care
It is best to find a tarot card set that meets your needs. That is, as a beginner you will need a book that tells you about Tarot, and also the spreads. The spreads are how you lay the cards to find the answers you need. Different spreads are used for different purposes.

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Skilled tarot card readers have years of practise interpreting tarot cards, because it is not a question of reading one tarot card.

Tarot card packs contain seventy eight cards with major and minor arcana, and it is not just the way the tarot cards fall that is important. Most good tarot card readers rely a great deal on intuition to get a full picture of what the tarot cards say.

Tarot cards are not necessarily taken literally they have a symbolic meaning, for instance the death card signifies the end or completion of something and not your death. Interestingly many tarot cards interpretations will differ not every reader will interpret tarot cards in the same way. Understanding and in depth knowledge of a person will change the results. However interpreting tarot cards is a guide to indicate whether or not the conditions are correct for a move or a change.

Tarot card interpretations are not meant to rule your life, they cannot tell you on what date you will find new employment, but they can suggest that it is the right time to look for a career move. Sadly the interpretation of the cards cannot find the ideal position for you; it is a guide you still have to find a new job for yourself.

So how easy is it to learn to interpret tarot cards and what is the best way to go about it. Most tarot card decks are accompanied by a simplistic booklet to guide you. Later your local library or Amazon can help you find titles of books that will offer a deeper insight.

Keeping a tarot journal can be an important learning tool, because how you feel about each card based on your own life and learning experience will affect your thoughts. Writing the thoughts down will assist you to remember your feelings and keep in touch with your inhibitions. A tarot card reading tells a story and the best way to learn is to read the cards for your own life.

The action of reading your own cards is safer on two counts whilst you learn to interpret tarot cards effectively. The future is affected by decisions that you make in the present - tarot cards cannot predict the future. They merely tell a story and they cannot tell you anything that you do not know.

However a good reading can assist you to make the choices that are open to you know and these will shape the future. The second reason it is safer to start with yourself is that you understand your psyche better than anyone else's. You will find it easier to interpret the cards based on your own life, remember that tarot cards do not have an agenda, they can only relate a chapter in a story and that story is your life.

Interpretations of tarot cards are complicated by the fact that others have a belief system in what the cards say. Sometimes the cards are all negative cards, however nothing the tarot will tell you are all negative.

Aspects of tarot card reading may be negative about certain things but no combination is every entirely bleak. Neither conflict nor blocked energy is an enduring condition, the story can be told to avoid levels of confrontation or to confront and clear the air. The positive aspect is to clear the way. Try to avoid demoralizing someone totally when interpreting your tarot cards.
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I simply love divining. Tarot cards are a great way to divine; naturally you want the best set of tarot cards. You want a personal set that expresses you. There are many different tarot card designs to choose from. Here are some tips, whether you are new or seasoned to tarot.

Tarot cards do pretty much the same thing, they allow you to divine, and see insight into topics and questions. However, not all tarot card sets are the same. There are however some marked differences between the cards, that you should consider before buying a set.

* Themes
Tarot cards can be found with many themes. These themes can be for love, wealth, spiritual growth and many countless other themes. As many tarot card makers there are, that is likely how many different themes you can find!

Choosing a tarot card by a theme is down to preferences. You may choose a set because of what you will be using the set for, most often. A diviner who sells there card reading service may choose a set of cards based on a specialist theme they deal with or niche. Many professional tarot card readers have several sets of tarot cards, and use which theme is appropriate at the time.

For new diviners or new tarot card readers, a themed set of tarot cards may not be the best option. A general Rider Waite tarot card set may prove more beneficial.

* Differences
There are differences between sets of cards. The tarot cards images are symbols which have meaning and touch the subconscious. The tarot card which most people refer to with tarot is that of the Rider Waite set by Pamela Coleman Smith and Arthur Edward Waite. This set is the one which many different designers try to emulate, but ultimately remain the same.

There are others however, some which utilize other systems. For example there may be angel cards which have different aspects or other cultures systems. Ultimately they all work, as divining works.

* To buy cheap or expensive
This is by far a big question asked by many. Is there any difference between buying a more expensive set or a cheaper set? The truth is that they both work equally well. They both can give you accurate readings.

If you are conscientious of the price, then you may want to go for a lower priced set. If you are new to tarot a lower priced set of the Rider Waite set of tarot cards can also benefit you. However, one point to consider is like with most things, more you pay for it, the more likely you will use them, and take good care of them.

Tarot cards are a powerful tool to gain insight into topics that are dear to you. They can help you and others find answers which nowhere else seems to provide, in our daily world.

A good tarot card set can provide many years of faithful service, and insight, and help you further your ability in divining.
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Whether a beginner to Tarot cards or a seasoned diviner, to read tarot cards, you need a set of tarot cards! So, how do you choose a set of tarot cards? After all the cards are personal to you.

A set of tarot cards can become very personal items indeed. When we need answers, and these answers can not be seen, then we need to utilize other tools, such as tarot cards. As we fringe on the spiritual, the spiritual is personal.

The tarot cards do not simply give answers to all who use them. Tarot cards must be respected, and a bond created. So, the first point in selecting tarot cards is to find tarot cards that you feel a bond to. This bond can just be the individuality of the cards, that express you or perhaps any other factor such as a gut feeling that these tarot cards is the right one to buy.

When buying tarot cards online, the process is the same. Simply look at the pictures, and listen to your gut feeling, your intuition. If the cards simply stand out, even though all the pictures are all the same size, and the others fade, while this set looks vibrant in a spiritual sense, then that may be the best tarot card set to buy.

Another consideration is the price, when buying tarot cards. There are many different sets of tarot cards that you can buy. If it is your first time at tarot, remember that you don't need to go for the most expensive set.

Purchasing tarot cards should be done with respect. Though there are very cheap tarot cards available, you want to find a set that is both within your budget, and also one which you will value.

If you are a seasoned diviner, then you may want a more expensive set, though this is not necessary. Cheap and expensive sets do the same thing in essence. Though treating yourself with a good set can be fun. However, to stop yourself from selecting the most expensive, and beautiful sets, consider your budget first.

Setting a budget before buying a set of tarot cards, can allow you to stay focused, and find a set. All too often, you can get stuck on trying to find the best set or end up buying several sets. Setting a budget keeps us focused.

Another point before closing this article is that of the style and type of tarot cards, you want to buy. For example, there are tarot cards for sale that have themes or different styles of cards. These styles can be the Thoth deck or the Rider Waite deck or some of the many other styles. Though they pretty much do the same thing.
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Astrology and tarot card psychics often spend their life studying tarot cards before they actually are considered to be an expert in their field. There is an actual job skill when it comes to understanding tarot cards. This is because it is said that an expert tarot card reader will be able to tell if someone is going to find true happiness or more wealth at some point in their life.

The psychic industry has grown to being a side walk industry into a multi-million dollar enterprise for many online psychic companies. There is nothing wrong with giving advice and many people are hungry in today's society for truth and for tarot card readings.

In the past, it was said that giving a psychic reading just something fun to do. In the 1980's teenagers would often buy a deck of tarot cards and fool around with their family and friends to see if they could actually predict their future. However a lot has changed in just some 30 years. Now people study the tarot cards with helpful tarot manuals and tarot donwloads. No matter what an individual is trying to learn, it can be taught someplace on the world wide web.

On the website YouTube, you can often find a tarot card video on how to understand the tarot. Many tarot card videos have been found to be useful. It is true that anyone can read a tarot card deck with practice. However, it is also believed that a live psychic advisor has extra powers to foretell future and accurate events with the use of a tarot card deck or an astrology chart. Tarot cards do not have to be an obvious skill. Sometimes you really have to focus your mind on what it takes to actually come to the awareness of what a tarot card clairvoyant reading actually is. It can really change your life.

If you are not interested in learning how to read a deck of tarot cards for yourself, then you may want to try visiting a popular psychic website that features tarot card experts. You can easily find these websites by typing into a Google search engine the keyword phrase "reading tarot cards". This is a catchy keyword phrase since so many people are trying to get tarot cards read for them or have someone in mind that they would like to speak to about their love or career life. It's interesting that so many people are looking for a tarot card reading. The keyword term "reading tarot cards" gets over 7,000 hits daily on search engines. This goes to show you how much a tarot card reading is in demand.

Our society likes to believe in something that makes complete sense to them. People often turn to psychic advisors and psychic studies to learn more about themselves and about what is actually going on in the lives of one another. Bonding with a person who believes in the same thing as you do actually gives your spiritual cause some purpose. If you believe in the power of the tarot card, then you may want to try seeking out live psychic advice that can help you with your questions about: love, money, career and business.
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Tarot cards are used usually for divination and have been associated with the occult for many years. The tarot cards are used in tarot readings, which are then used to gain insight into the future or the current situations of the person asking for the tarot reading. Tarot cards are also used to tap into the person's subconscious and let them see certain things about their lives.

Each card that is in the tarot pack has symbolic meanings that have been changed and have evolved as time has passed. Some tarot cards are themed or even custom made, which are used for even more specific symbolism to the people using those tarot cards.

When the tarot cards are used in a reading, the deck of cards are shuffled by the person who has asked for the reading, or by an independent person who is not in any way involved in the reading. The cards are laid out in a specific manner and the way in which they are spread can be a variety of ways. These are often referred to as the "spreads". The spreads are then read by the person performing the tarot reading.

The interpretation may be based on the subject's desires, thoughts and wishes for the past, the present and the future. Some of the things they are told may be from their subconscious rather than things they already know about.

The spreads that are used vary depending on the tarot cards and the person conducting the reading. Here are some common tarot card spreads used for divination purposes.

Celtic cross: This is the spread that is used most commonly throughout tarot readings. There are ten cards that are used altogether and six of them are arranged in the shape of a cross, four other cards are then placed on a vertical line beside the cross of cards. Another card is then placed in the middle of the ten card formation.

Horse shoe: Seven tarot cards are used in this particular spread. They are placed in a semi circle shape or in the shape of a "V".

3 Card spread: This is a simpler spread with three cards being place next to each other. The first card is used to show the past, the second for the present and the third for the future.

Astrological spread: This spread uses twelve tarot cards that are placed in a circle shape. Another card is placed in the middle of those twelve cards.

1 Card spread: Some tarot readers use only one card for a spread, but this is uncommon.

Tetractys: In this spread there are ten cards that are neatly placed in a pyramid consisting of 4 rows. There are lots of other spreads that are used by different tarot readers, the above spreads are just a very small selection of the spreads used.

The designs of the cards differ greatly also; where they originated from or who they were created by will determine what type of design the tarot cards have. The most well known tarot card design is that of the Tarot de Marseilles. This became the standardized design for a lot of tarot cards and many are still in production now.

Tarot cards are fascinating, both historically and psychologically. Whether you believe in the power of tarot readers and the cards they use doesn't matter they fascinate many of us and will continue to do so forever.
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Some people question the legitimacy of the tarot cards. For us to be able to get accurate readings from tarot cards, we will need to understand something. There are 2 ways to understand the meaning of the tarot cards in a reading, and though one is a guide, the other is essential for accurate readings.

When you first begin to read tarot cards, the only way to start understanding the meaning of tarot cards, is by looking at a book, on a website or learning from someone. This is a great way to learn about tarot cards, and begin reading the cards; however it is not the best way.

Yes, you need to learn the meanings. However, these meanings are only a rough guide. Reading tarot cards in the true sense, is to delve into your intuition to find answers. This is not always easy. Some people find they have great skills at finding the answers through intuition, while others simply need the book.

Can you divine without using your intuition? Yes, it is possible; however, you will only find that you have very general meanings. You won't come to understand the true benefits and insights that the tarot cards can provide you.

Developing intuition takes time. By doing tarot for a number of years, you will find that you can get more of a picture of what the cards are saying. When you first start reading tarot cards, and having a book with you, you may be apt to thinking that you need to memorize the meanings. However, I must stress that those meanings in the tarot book are only a guide.

Understanding the meaning of tarot cards is pretty easy. Either memorize or use intuition. Both work, however, to get a better understanding of tarot cards, you will need to utilize your intuition.

Again, we are trying to divine not read tarot cards, but in the beginning, it can be an exercise which is necessary in the beginning. You have to get used to your tarot cards, and more you use them, more personal they become. Over time, you will find that you and your tarot cards share a bond, and can provide you with the answers you need.

You maybe thinking that you may not be able to utilize your intuition in the beginning, and that is ok. As you continue to do tarot, and do tarot readings for others, you will find whether tarot or more importantly divining is a route you want to go down.

It can be trying times, and tarot is more close to the new age, than the television is! When you first embark on the journey through finding your own spirituality, you will find many options. Tarot is usually one of those options. Some of us find that tarot is a great thing in our lives, and we come to understand the meaning of tarot cards, while others may find other ways of divining, and understanding spirituality, and life.
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I bought my first tarot deck when I went through what I like to call a mystical phase in college. I had watched dozens of witch movies and thought that tarot had everything to do with witchcraft and spells.

I was wrong.

Tarot has been around for centuries, even though no one quite knows where it came from. There is evidence that it was in Egypt for a time, as well as in medieval England.

More commonly it is believed that gypsies are somehow responsible for endowing the world with the mystical, magical tarot cards.

Tarot cards are not about witchcraft or spells. They are, instead, about looking into the soul of another person.

1) How to get started

It is actually extremely easy to get started reading tarot cards. If you have never used tarot before, and know nothing about it, you should find some instructions.

There are dozens of books available for purchase, as well as hundreds of websites devoted to tarot reading. Then you have to pick a deck. There are dozens of different types of decks out there, and most of them are fine to use.

Eventually, after you get some practice under your belt, you may find yourself wondering if you can, and should, make your own tarot deck. After all, it is just some cards with pictures on them, right? It should not take that long to make some pictures and color them in, right?

2) The Conundrum Of Crawley

Let us take the example of Aleister Crawley. Aleister believed that he could make up a deck of tarot cards within a very short time. As a matter of fact, he believed that he would be done the deck within two weeks.

He requested the help of skilled drawer, Lady Frieda Harris, in helping him complete his task. For months and years the two went back and forth, doing their best to create the perfect deck. Finally, the deck was published, but not until both Crawley and Lady Harris had passed away.

His deck was named the Thoth deck, and is absolutely breathtaking and very unique. But keep in mind that this beautiful deck of tarot cards took over five years to create.

3) To draw, or not to draw your own tarot cards

There are some people who believe that you do not have to draw pictures on your tarot cards. Personally, I find this just plain wrong.

Tarot cards have a history of being as beautiful as they are prophetic. The question then arises, if you are planning on drawing your own tarot deck, of how good an illustrator you are.

I know that I am a terrible drawer. If I ever wanted to create my own deck, I would probably do as Aleister Crowley did and find myself a good artist to illustrate the deck for me.

You have to realize, though, that there is always the possibility that you and the artist might lock horns about the design, especially if the artist has a lot of pride in their work and are not getting paid for the project.

4) The bottom line

If you do decide that you would like to create your own deck, you need to be prepared for a number of things. For starters:

a) Be prepared to spend some time. It take a long time to make quality tarot decks, so do not get discouraged if it seems to take a few months or even a few years. At the end of the process, you will have a beautiful deck that you can be proud of. In addition, the cards will be imbued with your own energy; and you might find that you are able to read into more information when you are doing a tarot card reading whether it is for yourself or even for your friends.

b) Become a tarot expert. In order to make a good deck, you need to understand all of the pieces of the deck, as well as why they mean what they do. The pictures are there for a reason, and should help you to weave a story together, when they are laid down properly. You can start by doing regular practice of meditation on each of the cards, and do not be afraid to ask your higher, intuitive self for directions in making your own tarot cards! You might find that you will receive signs and information in your dreams!

c) Size does count. Most tarot decks in the store now a days are overly large. The reason is because the artists create very large illustrations, and then the publisher scans the picture down. If they go too small, it will be very difficult to see anything in the picture. Big decks, though, can be uncomfortable if you are not used to them. Most professional tarot readers us cards that are the same size as regular playing cards.

d) Do not scrimp. If you are making your own tarot deck, you are going to want it to last for quite awhile. What is the good of making a deck that gets destroyed in a few months? Use good material and your cards will last a long time.

e) It is not necessary to make your own tarot cards to read them. There are dozens of beautiful decks out there that have been around for hundreds of years, and you can easily use one of those if you prefer. Listen to your inner voice and trust your intuitive higher self. It will give you signs and indications if you should proceed to create your own tarot cards.

Do not be discouraged from creating a deck. If you have the desire to do so, go ahead! After all, tarot is all about knowing yourself so that you can create the future that you want!
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