The word "Anoint" means to rub or massage a liquid into a person or on items such as candles, tools, supplies, etc. Anointing oils are used in Wicca for several purposes. Sometimes, it is used in rituals to enhance communication and connection to deities during Sabbats or Esbats.

At times it is used to attune with the energies from the Moon or the Sun or other planets. Oils are also used to honor God or Goddess during rituals. In the tradition of candlemagick, oils are used to empower the candle (which may personify a human being, animal or thing) to push forth our intentions more clearly into the Universe.

Anointing oils are usually made of natural herbs, roots and flowers. There are many methods of extraction, but the easiest way to create an herbal oil is to add dried herbs to jojoba oil, olive oil or sweet almond oil. We can allow it to soak in the oil for a few days or place it where the moon or sun too can empower its contents.
Herbs can enchant us with their beauty and perfume. Herbs have been used for magickal purposes since the dawn of time. The herbal aromas transport us to a different level of consciousness, a different time or a far away place in an instant. Use of perfumed oils, candles or incense usually enables us to concentrate on our spell working more intently.

Here are some examples of anointing oil used in Wicca:
Mix 3 parts Patchouli oil with 2 part Musk and 1 part carnation to create corporeal Sabbat oil that is believed to promote communion with the deities present at the ceremony.

If you mix 2 parts frankincense with 1 part Myrrh, 1 part Allspice and 1 drop Clove, you can make a fantastic concoction that may also be used in Sabbats.

To attune with the lunar energies and celebrate the full Moon, use a mixture of 3 parts rose, 1 part jasmine and 1 part sandalwood oil. Anoint the body before the Esbat while absorbing the powerful lunar energy.

Another version of the oil used in full Moon ritual is 3 parts Sandalwood mixed with 2 parts lemon and 1 part rose. This can be used in the ceremonial bath for the evening or placed near the altar and used to anoint candles or the body.

During ceremonies where the Goddess is present, we can honor Her with a version of Goddess oil made with 3 parts rose, 2 parts tuberose, 1 part lemon, 1 part palmarosa and 1 part ambergris.

To honor the Horned God, we can use 2 parts Frankincense, 2 parts cinnamon, 1 part bay, 1 part rosemary and 1 part musk. This oil may be used to anoint a candle representing the Horned God or to invoke the God in rituals.

If a candle or doll represents a person who needs to be healed, we can rub radiant health oil on the diseased part. This oil is made by grinding angelica root, calendula, eucalyptus, lavender, juniper and rosemary and adding two parts jojoba oil plus one part castor oil.
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