Neo Pagan Wicca Witchcraft Festival Wheel Of The Year NEO-PAGAN WITCHCRAFT WICCA WHEEL OF THE YEAR The Wheel of the Year is annual cycle of the Earth's seasons as celebrated by some neo-pagans. These eight festivals are often referred to as Sabbats, a term of Hebrew origin which originating from Judaism Contemporary Neo-Pagan festivals rooted in Celtic and Germanic pre-Christian feasts, variously re-interpreted and established in modern Paganism, Witchcraft and Wicca The combined eight festivals in one calendar unknown together in any one older pagan calendars, but have evolved into modern neo-pagan systems. Similar in how Christian festivals adopted dates, overlaying with new interpretations prior festivals of original pagan origin Combination of Celtic and Germanic pre-Christian cultures' solstice and equinox celebrations form the basis of today's eight current neo-pagan festivals. Most of the festival names derive from historical Celtic and Germanic festivals. Dates for festivals are interpreted & vary widely amongst different neo-pagan groups & individuals. There is no definitive or universal tradition observed by all neopagan, witches or wicca Generally there are eight festivals observed which are divided into Lesser & Greater Sabbats The Greater Sabbats (and/or Fire Festivals) Samhain (Nov), Beltane (May), Imbolic (Feb), Lammas (August), The Lesser Sabbats Yule (Dec), Ostra (March), Midsummer (June), Mabon (Sept) These fall on the suns solstices and equinoxes Actual dates & different festivals, even their names vary widely amongst various pagan, witchcraft & Wicca interpretation Pagans in the Southern Hemisphere adapt the Wheel to natural seasons in their locality, although difficult for those in equatorial regions to do Increasingly in recent years Neo-pagan, Witchcraft & Wicca have gained increasing popular support Neo-Pagan Wicca & Witchcraft Eight Festivals of WHEEL OF THE YEAR

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