The debt which the world owes to our Motherland is immense. Talking country with country,there is not one race of his earth to which the world owes so much as to the patient Hindu, the mild Hindu.

To many, Indian thought,Indian manners,Indian customs,Indian philosophy,Indian literature,are repulsive at the first sight; but let them persevere,let them read, let them become familiar with the great principles underlying these ideas,and it is ninety-nine to one that the charm will come over them, and fascination will be the result.

But the Older I grow, the better I seem to think of these time honored institution of India. There was a time when I used to think that many of them were useless and worthless; but the older I grow, the more I seem to feel a diffidence in cursing anyone of them,for each of them is the embodiment of the experience of centuries.

Believe me, there is much talking in other lands, but the practical man of religion, who has carried it into his life is here and here alone.

I have said that we have yet something to teach to the world. This is the very reasons, the raison d'etre,that this nation has lived on,in spite of hundreds of year of persecution,in spite of nearly a thousand years of foreign rule and foreign oppression.This nation still lives; the raison d'etre is , it still holds to God, to the treasure-house of religion and spirituality.

In this land are,still religion and spirituality,the fountains which will have to overflow and flood the world to bring in new life and new vitality to the Western and other nations,which are now almost borne down, half-killed,and degraded by political ambitions and social scheming.
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