Meditation is the "one things. Meditate! The greatest thing is meditation.It is the nearest approach to spiritual life - the mind meditating.It is the one moment in our daily life that we are not at all material-the soul thinking of itself, free from all matter - this marvelous touch of the soul.

Those who give themselves up to the Lord do more for the world than all the so-called workers.One man who has purified himself thoroughly, accomplishes more than a regiment of preachers. Out of purity and silence comes the word of power.

What we need today is to know that there is a God and that we can see and feel him here and now.

There is a vast difference between saying "food, food" and eating it, between saying " water, water" and drinking it. So by merely repeating the worlds " God, God," we cannot hope to attain realisalion. We must strive and practice.

Through the terrors of evil, say - my God, my love! Through the pangs of death, say-my God, my love! Through all the evils under the sun, say - my God, my love ! Thou art here,I see thee, Thou art with me, I feel thee, I am thine, take me. I am not of the world's but Thine; leave not then me. Do not go for glass beads leaving the mine of diamonds! This life is a great chance. What, seekest thou the pleasures of the world ? He is the fountain of all bliss. Seek for the Highest, aim at that Highest, and you shall reach the Highest.

We must be bright and cheerful,long face do not make religion. Religion should be the most joyful thing in the world, because it is the best.

Worship everything as God - every form is his temple.All else is delusion. Always look within, never without.Such is the God that Vedanta preaches, and such is his worship.
Lecturer, entrepreneur and Fortune 500 business consultant, Vish Writer is the author of the Amazon No 1 bestseller, "The Joy of Becoming God". Visit him at Spiritual Simplicity The Real Secret

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